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  Acoustic Guitar Kits

Inteso  Guitars provides high quality acoustic guitar kits for the amateur and part time builder.  We have several standard kits and also will assemble custom kits to your specifications.  We provide all the materials for you to assemble a quality instrument:  You must provide the tools, skill, and patience.

Choice of Black or Tortoise shell pickguard and end wedge

Black, White or Ivoriod binding
Choice of back strips and purfeling Free Builders manual with every kit

All kits include:

Pre-shaped back and top with rosette,  Pre-bent sides, Shaped neck, slotted fingerboard with fret wire and position marker dots, truss rod, front and rear blocks, complete brace set for top & back,  kerf lining ribbon and side ribbon, bridge, tuners, strings, bridge pins, pick guard and back wedge, binding and purfling, back strip and Guitar Makers Manual . 


 1A  Mahogany                               400.00 U.S. 
 2A  Indian rosewood                   450.00 U.S.
 3A  Maple Quilt or Flame            Quote only
 1A  Mahogany                               435.00 U.S.
 2A  Indian rosewood                    500.00 U.S.
 3A  Maple Quilt or Flame            Quote only
 Cutaway Style                                +65.00U.S.
 Other styles and woods available upon request